Get Squashing!!

by The Grip Guy
Gymnasts Get Squashing

As I travel around the country visiting gyms and meeting coaches, there is one secret I pass on that regularly impresses everyone...

I'm going to spoil my party trick by sharing it with you today, because you really need to know this. :)

When advanced Gym Grips are manufactured, assuming they are quality ones such as Manique, the leather is new and firm. This is especially true where the palm leather and wrist leather are attached together, it's very flat there too.

When you wrap the straps around and tighten onto the wrist, this flat area tends to stay flat.
"So what?" I hear you say...

Well the shape of the tightened fastening is not the shape of the wrist it's being tightened onto!
It takes the form of a D shape rather than an O shape
This results in a poor fitting, which results in a performance drop.

The solution is really simple...
You need squash the flat area to make it more like the O shape we need.

I have a brief video that demonstrates this as it's harder to describe than show.:

The tweaked grips then fit better, more comfortably and require less force to get a tight fastening.

The handguards will now rub less, apply less pressure and will consequently give the gymnast greater performance and confidence!

So, if you want to get a better fit... GET SQUASHING!

Thanks for reading!