Lets be Sociable! ☎️

by The Grip Guy
Let's Be Sociable

Here at Gymnastics Express, we think it’s really important for it to be super simple for you to keep in touch with us.

We have our main contact details here on the website, and we keep you up to date with things via our mailing list and this blog…

The good news is that on top of all of that, we’re also active on social media. Every day, we have a variety of social media posts going live, as we love engaging with you gym folk!

The growth of social media has been amazing to watch… These days you can see what your favourite gymnasts had for breakfast, or get tips straight from leading coaches!

As the UK's No.1 manufacturer & distributor of gymnastic grips & protection products, we thought it was critical that we got involved too. We’ve had a strong presence on social media for a few years now, and we continue to grow and evolve this.

Across social media, we offer news, tips, discounts, competitions and actively answer any questions and queries as fast as possible.

You can find us at:

We're even developing our own Youtube Channel (Gymnastic Express TV) - just click here!

We’ll be posting more videos in the coming months, and there’ll always be a constant stream of social media posts going out. It really is worth keeping an eye on it all, as we regularly have special competitions and giveaways… If you snooze, you lose!

So, Come say hello to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube!.

As well as being the top destination for gymnastic supplies and products, we also focus deeply on customer interaction and service. That’s why we love social media, it makes it so simple for us to all keep in touch.

Thanks for reading!