Can I Return Grips?

by The Grip Guy
Can I Return Grips?

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Chapter 9 is called: "Can I Return Grips?"
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To be eligible for a refund, most companies and brands say that the goods may be opened but must be unused. This is so they are able to resell the goods for full value once returned to them. If returns arrive in used condition, a refund or exchange cannot be processed.

With handguards, this generally means all components are kept (the guards, labels, packaging .etc) and are returned in “as new” condition. It also means that the grips are not dirty, chalked or marked in any way.

Reputable companies are prepared to stand by a guarantee with their grips and products. Usually if a customer wishes to return an item, due to it being faulty or damaged, the firm will ask them to send it back as soon as possible so they take a look and see why the issue may have occurred in the first place. They will then get in touch with the customer and explain why the fault occurred (e.g. faulty leather or wrong size for gymnast) and how to either prevent it from happening again in the future or arrange to replacement/repaired guards.

At Gymnastics Express we offer a fantastic guarantee, full after-sales support and quality customer service. We understand the importance of gymnastics and having the correct products to be able to compete and perform.

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