Coach's Corner

At Gymnastics Express, we know how tough life can be as a Coach!

You have to educate and train gymnasts, of all different ages, levels and abilities…On top of that, there’s the logistical work, planning, organisation, dealing with parents,.etc.

Well, we want to try and make your life easier - whenever and wherever we can. To assist with this, we’ve launched a dedicated Coach Hotline:

Coach's Hotline: 01668 217903

You can reach out to us for help with products, issues or even to just discuss product development ideas. Feedback we’ve received over the years has gone into the designs of our latest product ranges - which shows we really do listen to your wants and needs!

Most interestingly, we now have a range of initiatives that are designed to help your club save, or indeed earn money. You can read more about these programs here.

Another area we’ve really worked on is trying to take the time and hassle out of sizing gymnasts for kit (we know you have enough on your plate already!). With this in mind, we have two specialist sizing sets available… an Uneven Bars Sizing Set and a Bar Loop Sizing Set.

In addition, we offer different discount programmes for gyms. If you haven’t already arranged this for your club, do get in touch!

Here at Gymnastics Express, we’re always looking to make life easier for all you hard working coaches out there!