The Gymnastics Express Team

The Gymnastics Express Team

Hi there,

Gymnastics, as you know, isn't just an individual sport, it's a team game too. Gymnast operate in teams, helping to motivate, boost and improve one another - not to mention a gymnast's coaches, parents and supporters. While what a gymnast does in their routines is up to them, they'd undoubtably be weaker without good people around them...

Well, we at Gymnastics Express also pride ourselves on having a great team. In our day to day rush of fulfilling orders, designing products and supporting customers with their orders and questions, I don't always remember to shout about them!

Here in the office many of you will have spoken with myself, but Zoe our Office Manager does most of our customer engagement, social media as well as our accounting, computer stock control work and lots of techy website stuff! My son Andy helps us with marketing, design, copy-writing and business growth and my wife Susan helps us across the board from time to time.

At the factory is where so much of our key work happens, right here in the North of England. Our Factory Manager Helen controls manufacturing, stock control and shipping (as well as so much more). Alongside Helen is Hilary, Diane and Marilyn, each excellent team members who do a whole host of key tasks helping producing our excellent products and getting them to you as quickly as possible. Without these fantastic employees you'd never get your orders!

Finally, last but not least, we also have three miniature schnauzers (Max, Monty and new pup Merlin). These guys are especially helpful at woofing in the background when we're helping customers on the phone, woofing at carriers and postal workers and, Merlin, still has the occasional carpet accident. What would we do without this great help??!!

Three pups

We spend most of our time focused on our customers and what we can do for you, but I do think it's important that once in a while I share with you who the core team at Gymnastics Express is. Each one of us cares deeply about your orders and are here to help with them and support you with your gymnastics needs.

Thanks for reading,

The Grip Guy