Abi Solari

“Be happy and smile”

 Abi Solari

What I love about Gymnastic Express:

Great customer support, fast delivery and amazing Handguards.

About Abi Solari

Full Name: Abigail Solari

Birthday: 12/06/2000

Hometown: Portishead

Gym Club: The Academy

Coach(es): Liz Kincaid

Top Honours:

3rd AA English Senior Championships

Olympic Hopes team 1st and 2nd AA

Espoir Vault Champion

Nickname: Abi/ Abs

Inspiration(s): Imogen Cairns, Ruby Harrold and Larissa Iordache

Top Advice:

Top Achievement:

Favourite Discipline: Bars

How I Relax: spend time with family and friends and reading



Pet(s): I don’t have any because I am allergic


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