Alice Kinsella

“Always learn from your mistakes, this will always make you stronger!”

 Alice Kinsella

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About Alice Kinsella

Full Name: Alice Kinsella
Birthday: 13th March
Gym Club: Park Wrekin Gymnastics Club
Coach(es): Brett Ince and Christine Still
Hometown: Sutton Coldfeild
Top Honours: Going to Euros and Worlds
Nickname: Al
Top Advice: always believe in yourself
Inspiration(s): Nastia Luikin and Larisa Iordache
Top Achievement: Competing at the Worlds and qualifying for the final
Favourite Discipline: Beam and Bars
How I Relax: Spending time with my family
Likes: Cats and Dogs
Dislikes: Spiders
Pets: 2 x Cats
Funniest Gymnastic Moment: Missing the Beam on my flick mount and landing on my head in the foam pit 😂

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