Becky Downie

“Never give up!”

 Becky Downie

What I love about Gymnastic Express:

Gymnastics Express are very quick and efficient - Because of this I find it extremely helpful when I'm busy training and competing. Having my Handguards and extras made and delivered so fast allows me not to stress and I always feel confident with the kit I’m supplied with!

About Becky Downie

Full Name: Becky Downie
Birthday: 24/01/1992
Hometown: Nottingham
Gym Club: Notts Gymnastics Academy
Coach(es): Jo Miller

Top Honours:

2014 & 2016 European Bars champion
2014 CWG Team and Bars champion
2015 World team bronze medalist
Nickname: Becky or Becks
Top Advice: Always give 100% in whatever you do
Top Achievement: 2014 European bar champion
Favourite Discipline: Bars
How I Relax: Love listening to music and spending time with my friends and family
Likes: Fashion
Dislikes: Spiders
Pet(s): 4 Cats and 1 Dog
Funniest Gymnastic Moment: Falling off the podium at a world championships

Connect With Becky Downie

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