Gabby Jupp

“Let courage carry you”

 Gabby Jupp

What I love about Gymnastic Express:

Gymnastics Express have been amazing while supporting me. I go through endless pairs of Handguards, Tape, Panda Paws and I can always rely on them to deliver. I owe them a massive Thank you!

About Gabby Jupp

Full Name: Gabrielle Jupp

Birthday: 12/06/97

Hometown: Borehamwood

Gym club: Sappire School of Gymnastics LTD.

Coaches: Steve Price

Top Honours:

European Team Silver Medalist.

2016  British Bar Champion

2014 World Team Member

2013 Senior British all round Beam and Floor Champion.

Nickname: Gabs

Inspiration: Becky Downie because she never gives up and works so hard! I also loved Shawn Johnsons Gymnastics.

Top advice: Don’t compare yourself to others because everyone has their own journey and story.

Top Achievement: Competing all around again after two ACL Tears.

How I relax: Chilling with my friends and going for a Costa with my sister.

Likes: Fashion, Shopping, Music and Dancing.

Dislikes: Meat. I am a Vegetarian.

Pet(s): 1 Dog called Tilly.

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