Leah Greenland

“You will never achieve something if you don't work hard for it!”

 Leah Greenland

What I love about Gymnastic Express:

Very quick service, great ideas, they offer a range of high standard products and have a very friendly customer service.

About Leah Greenland

Full Name: Leah Greenland

Birthday: 16/06/04

Hometown: Spennymoor, County Durham

Gym Club: South Durham

Coach(es): Rachel Wright & Nicola Preston

Top Honours: Getting a Bronze Medal at British Teams ranked 2nd in National Finals


Nickname: Leseley or Linda

Inspiration(s): Nile Wilson & MyKayla Skinner

Top Advice: Go through your routines in your head

Top Achievement: At the Espoir Championships apparatus finals I achieved a bronze and silver medal.

Favourite Discipline: Floor as I get to show off my personality

How I Relax: Lie in bed watching Gymnastics

Likes: Social Media, Motivational Quotes and Watermelon

Dislikes: Mushrooms, Spiders and Horror Films 

Pet(s): Cat called Lucy

Funniest Gymnastic Moment: When the girls and I attempted each others floor routines.

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