Health & Safety

At Gymnastic Express, we take health and safety extremely seriously. Whenever you use our gymnastic equipment, it is our responsibility to ensure that it is always fit for the purpose it was intended.

Since all equipment wears, however, it is your responsibility to personally check your equipment for any signs of wear and indications that it may be in need of replacing.

We would recommend that that you replace your aging equipment whilst it is still serviceable. This will save run-in time on new equipment, allowing you to break-in your replacements gradually, before discarding the originals.

Care of your equipment

Our handguard leather has been specially designed to allow strength and flexibility, combined with performance and comfort. But please be aware that the leather is not waterproofed, as this would impair its performance. Wetting the leather with water causes it to become dry and brittle, followed by sudden tearing. Non-brittle leather will tear slowly, giving you fair warning that it is due for replacement. We do have a solution for when this happens; our Monkey Spit handguard spray is ideal for wetting your guards, keeping the leather supple for longer.

Failing to look after your equipment properly may mean it becomes damaged and won’t perform as you would want, or as was intended. If you are in any doubt, ask your coach or Contact Us - we are always happy to help.