Manique Stretchies


A Superb Safety Aid for Your Grips

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Our rubberised Manique Stretchies are specifically designed to stop your grips from coming undone in training or competition. Applying Stretchies around handguard straps will doubly secure your grips during routines, preventing unnecessary falls or loss of adhesion.

As well as being favoured by many leading gymnasts, coaches love the added security that our Stretchies provide in the gym.

  • Confidence boosting
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made from hygienic, safe materials
  • Available in a choice of four different colours


Stretchies require adult supervision at all times. They must be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear, nicks and other indications of damage. If any impairment is found, they must be replaced immediately.

Under no circumstances should damaged Stretchies ever be used.

Do not pull and stretch unnecessarily and do not use for any purpose other than designed.

Stretchies are a choking hazard. So keep out of reach of small children and never leave Stretchies lying around unsupervised.

Like all rubber products, Stretchies have a limited lifespan and will eventually break. We advise that they are replaced regularly.

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