Basic Bar Loops


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Manique Basic Bar Loops (sold as a pair).

Bar Loops are used to provide security during bar training.

These are our Basic Bar Loops, they are available in a range of sizes: 23cm to 36cm (typical sizes are often around 28cm). Half sizes are also available while stocks last.

All of our Basic Bar Loops are made from red webbing.
We have made this style for many years, it’s a trustworthy product.

We make these in our factory with the same computerised sewing equipment as our Pro Bar Loops.
This sewing equipment is designed to make seat belts and airbags, which we have adapted to make these incredibly advanced Bar Loops.
It’s not only the webbing that matters in a product like this, but the stitching too.

Please note; as with all equipment, these straps will wear. Before every use they must be carefully examined and discarded as soon as wear is evident.
They are marked with a use by date, 1 year from purchase. This prevents overuse of communal equipment.

For a more Advanced Bar Loop, check out our Pro Bar Loops.

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