Finger Wedgies




Instead of stuffing lumps of pit foam in grip holes, we created these neat and effective “Finger Wedgies”.

They’re designed to pop into the holes and grip to themselves, to fill the gap and add comfort to the fingers. They stay put and do the job in style!

The foam is specially designed to stretch for fitting and be springy (to pack out the finger holes).
Each pack contains wedgies with three different thicknesses, to help you decide on the right fit for you.

There are 12 wedgies in a pack, 4 of each thickness (1 spare to practice assembly with).

Choose an “All White” set for competition use or “Funky Colours” for use in training.

We also offer a bulk pack of White or Funky colours for club distribution.
A club pack has 144 wedgies or 12 sets. Works out at half price!

Please note that the colours may vary from the illustration.