Gymnastics Medal, Badge & Certificate Case


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Our Gymnastic Medal, Badge & Certificate Cases are the perfect gift for gymnasts who want to proudly display their Gymnastic achievements in one great, safe place!

They have a handy soft carry handle which allows the case to be easily carried to school, friends or grandparents houses for those precious “show and tell” occasions.
They come fully zipped, ensuring everything stays safely inside.

The internal makeup of the achievement cases contain the following :-

  • Front page to write name and display photograph
  • Instruction page on “How to Display your Medals”
  • Three PVC sleeves to Display 24 Medals
  • Three PVC Sleeves to Display 18 Badges
  • Eighteen Certificate Holders (A4 or A5) to be mounted on
  • The inside cover of the case has a pocket for additional storage of photographs, newspaper clippings, progress reports etc

Our cases are truly unique and make the most wonderful present for gymnasts everywhere.
They really do allow children to capture and showcase all of their proud moments and memories of their many amazing achievements in one place.

Case Dimensions L34.5cm x W28cm