Manique Balm – Concentrated & Organic




Our Gymnast’s Manique Balm has been made by a no compromise professional herbal specialist who makes Organic skin care products such as facial creams, soaps, body oils and toners.
Most of the ingredients used are certified organic and wild crafted; all of them are natural. They hand pick some of our ingredients from hedgerows and the countryside including: Plantain, Ivy, Comfrey and Hypericum.
Those not indigenous are bought from approved organic herb suppliers. Pure beeswax is used as the base.

One of the herbs is a traditional healing herb and has been used for centuries for this purpose. It was used in medieval times after battles, to help healing of arrow, axe and sword wounds.
About as tough an ask as sorting out gymnasts rips!

We have already received incredible feedback from non-gymnastic trials so are now ready to trial for gymnastics hand injuries.
In recent private tests, one UK Gold Medal winning gymnast found that rubbing the balm on her wrists reduced the sweating she was experiencing, allowing her grips to stay put instead of slipping!

Balms we have available include:

Foot Balm (15ml or 50ml)
Lip Balm (10ml)
Muscle Balm (15ml or 60ml)
Palm Balm (15ml or 60ml)
Or, why not save over 10% and buy our Balm Bundle, which contains:

Foot Balm (15ml)
Lip Balm (10ml)
Muscle Balm (15ml)

How to use:

Apply sparingly before and especially after training and at other occasions as required
It will go on tacky but rapidly dries out so it is not noticeable
It will not prevent rips, good grips and judicious taping will help here.
It has been designed to assist natural healing and has proven ingredients to ensure healing time is maximised, supplying the ingredients that assist recovery.

All our products are 100% natural and mostly organically certified.
The balms are made from simple herbal mixtures of cold pressed oils, plants, distilled floral waters, local beeswax and sometimes essential oils.

Most, if not all, of our ingredients will be recognised as plants from the garden or even one that you would find in the kitchen, such as the cold pressed olive oil.
There are no added harmful, chemical or synthetic ingredients; pure and simple has been the philosophy and pure and simple are the end products.

Each pot of organic skin care product is packed with the vitality of living plants. It contains the minerals and vitamins from nature and the wholeness of plants that are unrefined.
This gives a product which will help feed and nurture your skin, passing on some of that vitality from nature!