Manique Classic A Bar Handguard


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Manique Classic A Bar Handguard gloves (for girls) are our own famous grips for top level gymnastics.

Made with a very high quality white leather for the palm (for strength and safety).
The wrist sections are made from our new Grey Comfort leather, designed to be softer and more flexible for a securer wrist fastening.

Available in red webbing with either Velcro or Comfort Leather buckle straps.
The buckle option is made with two leather buckle straps (this twin strap option is only available in these Classic grips)

Manique Classic is a great handguard glove, but if you would like an even more advanced/customisable grip, check out: Manique Unique

Remember to buy your wristbands! 🙂

In this video you can see how to get a tight fit:


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