Manique Pro Palm Guard Gloves


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These are our NEW Pro Palm Guard gloves; our most advanced Palm Guard glove we’ve ever manufactured!

These Palm Guard gloves are manufactured specifically for beginner gymnasts.
They are specialist protection gloves with natural round finger holes and are designed to fully protect the palm.

Usually this is the first gymnastic hand protection a gymnast uses; this is where handguards start.

Choose from either our Classic Grey Leather, or our extra high quality, soft “Legend Leather”.
The naturally coloured leather isn’t dyed or coloured, there’s no chance of staining or ruining the bar or colouring the hands.
Pure quality leathers, relax, ours have no residual chemicals to become allergic to or to get rashes from.

These PRO Palm Guard  gloves have quickly attachable straps, available in 13 different colours from our Rainbow Range.
Accessory straps are available, so you can mix and match your grips to suit your mood, gym club or leo! Check out the range here.

The Pro strap colours match throughout our Pro Range of: Palm Guards, Manique Unique A Bar Guards, Bar loops and even Pouches…  Find out more here.

The Pro straps are wider, softer and stronger, which means the gymnast will find them more comfortable to wear and will reduce friction upon the wrist.
This wider velcro means the gymnast has 28% more gripping area, creating a more secure fastening, gaining better performance.

The Pro design is leotard friendly, the snagging and clicking of leotards from exposed hooked velcro is now a thing of the past.

Please note: when worn the fingers are intended to go right through to the base of the finger holes, giving glove protection for the palms only.

Coaches! Did you know we offer a specialist sizing set, to help make your life easier when measuring gymnasts for their grips? Has your gym got one yet?

Remember to buy your wristbands! 🙂