Panda Paw Wrist Support Gloves


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Our own Manique Panda Paw gloves, invented by Gymnastics Express over 20 years ago!
Be aware there are cheap, imitation “Panda Paws” in circulation, nothing to do with our quality design and make!

Manique Panda Paw gloves are made in-house at our factory in the UK, from British materials and with quality allergy controls.

Originally designed for gymnasts and aerobatic tumblers, they are now used in all kinds of sports and applications.
These specialist gloves are built to support wrists if weakened or injured while recovering.
They are not intended as a replacement for proper injury healing, they offer temporary support allowing some exercising and an aid to confidence.

Even with a single hand injury, these wrist support gloves are sold in pairs to maintain balance while training.

Item includes 2 sets of different density support strips, to allow you to choose which you’d like to use.

Choose from either quality light grey leather or new Scottish extreme, luxury beige leather (please note the colour varies occasionally due to the tanning process).
Bright colours are not suitable for use in competitions and the colouring and dyes weaken the leather quality, hence our natural options.

To measure your hand for Panda Paw gloves, take a measurement around your hand, across your palm.

The three sizes we offer overlap, as how tight you fasten the Panda Paw adjusts the amount of support it offers.
13-18cm is small, 15-20cm is medium, 17-22cm is large.

If you are measuring between two sizes, it is recommended you order the size that you will get the most wear out of.

Recently recommended by a leading physiotherapist for recovery from a broken bone in a hand!
He stated that he thought they were “fabulous for recovery”.
That Gymnast now feels much more confident and was able to attend high level training sooner than everybody expected.

Spare or replacement insert sets are available, please telephone 01668 217901 to order those.