Sizing? Get Set!

by The Grip Guy
Sizing? Get Set!

Hi there,

I recently wrote a blog post about sizing handguards/grips (you can read it here).

Within it, I briefly mentioned the fact that we supply Sizing Sets to clubs... but I thought it was such an important point that I'd expand upon it a bit further in this weeks blog.

Gymnasts and Parents are forever baffled by sizing... it's not easy to wrap your head around. We try to make it as simple as we can by putting sizing guides and descriptions on every product, and we even send out FREE hand and finger sizers (check them out here). The trouble is, with the best will in the world all of these are just a guide and the only real way to get it right it by consulting with a coach..

That's easier said than done... Coaches are already rushed off their feet, have a lot to deal with and, while they can offer advice and guidance, even they can't give precise measurements without some tools.

So, I came up with our Manique Sizing Sets. These are designed to help a coach quickly and accurately work out exactly what a gymnast requires, making life easy for them, the gymnasts, Mum and Dad...

There’s a Handguard Sizing Set and a Bar Loop Sizing Set, and both offer coaches a full range of different sized templates that can be worn by the gymnast to determine which size they should be wearing. Many clubs are finding these to be a real game-changer that allows gymnasts to have the correct gear, coaches to spend less time sizing and parents to know they’re ordering the correct gear, first time! This eliminates the need for gymnasts to be wearing wrong sizes and for parents to be sending the wrong sized items back and forth.

These Sizing sets are available here:
Handguard Sizing Set         Bar Loop Sizing Set

What's more, if you're a genuine club and you haven't had a set already, get in touch with us here.
You may well be eligible to claim your set(s) at a subsidised rate.

We are proud to be at the forefront of gymnastics design and are always looking for ways to make the life of gymnasts, coaches and parents easier and better. With that in mind, I am an engineer and a designer, if you have any issues in gymnastics you think I might be able to help with, do get in touch with me here.

Thanks for reading,

The Grip Guy