Ellie Downie

“Keep Moving Forward”

 Ellie Downie

What I love about Gymnastic Express:

I love how efficient and fast Gymnastics Express are with their deliveries. Their products are so reliable and last a very long time!

About Ellie Downie

Full Name: Ellie Downie

Birthday: 20/07/1999

Hometown: Nottingham

Gym Club: Notts Gymnastics Academy

Coach(es): Jo Miller

Top Honours:

2017 European AA Champion

2016 Olympian

2015 World Team Bronze Medalist

2015 Young Sports Personality Of The Year.


Nickname: Smell

Inspiration(s): Serena Williams or Usain Bolt

Top Advice: Never give up and believe in yourself because you can achieve more than you believe!

Top Achievement: Same as honours

Favourite Discipline: Floor (to compete) Vault (in training)

How I Relax: Watching films

Likes: Makeup, Cats, Dogs and the Cinema

Dislikes: Celery, Wooden spoons, Spiders

Pet(s): 4 cats and 1 dog

Funniest Gymnastics moment: Flying off the bar into a Metal cabinet (luckily I knew where I was and didn’t hurt myself).

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