Think... before you INK!

by The Grip Guy
Think Before You Ink

Hey there,

Remember, when you buy new equipment from us, we supply a fantastic guarantee.

We'll refund or exchange returned grips (we want you to relax when you order from us).

Even if you order the wrong item or size - we'll help you out.

Recently a lady sent two brand new pairs of A Bar grips back to us for a size swap; nothing unusual there...

Unfortunately she had written her son's initials in big letters across them and was upset about what we might say. :(

Well I chatted with the customer, we understand about children I think I was one once. :)

These grips are top quality and cost a lot to make and to buy! We appreciate that.

You definitely don't want them lost or stolen by anybody, so it was a good idea to mark them - she was just a bit too quick on this occasion!

I understood her dilemma perfectly.
I put her mind at rest and we sent her brand new replacements in a better size.

I waived the entire cost, I felt as a firm we could do more to warn customers about this potential problem.

The lady was thrilled but wanted us to mention this to you, as a warning, in case you did the same before being sure the size is correct...

So here's the warning - please think before you ink!

Thanks for reading,

The Grip Guy