HOH Volume 2: Pair and Trio Balances Gymnastics Book


An Awesome Guide from "Head Over Heels" - Learn About Pair & Trio Balances!

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"Head Over Heels About Gymnastics Volume 2: Pair and Trio Balances" is the second in the series of the Head Over Heels About Gymnastics tutorial guides. This book is packed full of ideas to incorporate gymnastics skills into Pair and Trio Gymnastic Balances.

What’s Inside: Volume 2 takes some of the skills learned in Volume 1 and incorporates them into Pair & Trio balances. This book ranges in difficulty from more simple ‘One Foot Stand’ balances, the very complex ‘Handstand Balances’, ‘Flying Angel’ balances and many more.

Age & Ability:  We recommend that this book is aimed for children aged 6+ and will encourage younger and older children (or even parent/child) to work together. Therefore this book is suitable for gymnasts with little experience all the way through to advanced gymnasts as well!

Key Skills Developed: Communication, cooperation, teamwork, trust, strength, balance and body tension.

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