Which Brand of Grips Should I Choose?

by The Grip Guy
Which Brand of Grips Should I Choose?

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Chapter 4 is called: "Which Brand of Handguards Should I Choose?"
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I know from experience just how many, many handguards there are out there to choose from, it can be a real headache!

When selecting which brands we wanted to stock at Gymnastics Express, I did a lot of research and spent time judging loads and loads of brands. In the end we decided to create our own brand (Manique) and also stock Reisport (the leading Swiss brand). That’s not to say no other brands are worth considering, but there wasn’t another grip out there we felt could match these for quality, performance, durability, design and value. We also didn’t want to be a store offering confusing numbers of brands for no good reason, just baffling customers and risking them ending up with a poor product. Being the manufacturer also means we never are out of stock and can adapt to changes and improvements that UK coaches suggest.

Don’t just take my word for the quality of Manique and Reisport grips however…

We support many of the leading gymnasts in the UK (see here) and they choose to perform in our products, as have past legends such as Beth Tweddle.

It is possible your coach may have a preferred brand in mind, but if not, choose a grip that uses high quality leather, materials and fastenings. There’s a lot of fake, imitation products out there which might seem cheap, but they aren’t fit for purpose, won’t last and may not be safe to use. We’ve even spoken to coaches who’ve had their bars and floors turned blue from the dye on cheap eBay/Amazon marketplace knock-off grips!

There’s variations within each brand too, for example with Manique grips you could choose Manique Basic Grips, Classic, Mini or Unique… if Unique, you might opt for Unique SLIM(thinner than typical) or Unique WIDE (our traditional wide cut). It can get confusing, which is why at Gymnastics Express you’ll find in-depth information on every product page to help you choose. If still in any doubt, you can always ask your coach or get in touch with us, we’re very happy to help. Generally with Manique, the Unique range are the best handguards around, Classic are our original design (the Unique are a modern evolution of these) and Basic are an entry-level, affordable option for casual gymnasts.

It is important to consider where you buy your grips from. Obviously, I’d like to think we can fully satisfy your gymnastic needs at Gymnastics Express, but wherever you go, ensure you are dealing with a legitimate, trustworthy company. I hear so many horror stories about people who are ripped off on eBay or by dodgy small bedroom-seller sites than pretend to be real businesses.

Remember, you’re not just paying for goods, but also for the guarantee and after-sales support that comes with your order. It simply doesn’t come down to just “the cheapest price” as that’s usually not “the best value”.

I once had a Mum phoning me in tears after she'd been cheated elsewhere and need help in getting the correct item the second time in a hurry (it makes me really sad and upset).

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