Which is the Best Fastening for Me - Velcro or Buckle?

by The Grip Guy
Which is the Best Fastening for Me - Velcro or Buckle?

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Chapter 5 is called: "Which is the Best Fastening for Me - Velcro or Buckle?
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Velcro grips are faster to fasten and to take off. They are good for those gymnasts who are new to wearing grips. Velcro straps do have a limited lifespan and are only good when used for their intended purpose. Velcro will last longer if gymnasts don’t fiddle with straps between exercises; some coaches do not like their gymnasts wearing Velcro for this reason! As Velcro straps often wear out before the rest of a handguard, our Manique PRO range has detachable straps. This means that if they become worn out, you don’t have to buy a whole new pair of grips, you can simply buy a new pair of straps and swap them over. What’s more, PRO straps come in a range of thirteen different colours to choose from!

Buckle grips come in either single or double buckle fastenings. There isn’t really a big difference between the two choices but double buckles have an added benefit when your grips get older... If a buckle was to come loose, you still have one buckle keeping your grips on!

A bonus tip for you; no matter which fastening you choose there’s a simple trick to helping your handguard form a firm, quality grip to the wrist. You simply take the low horizontal wrist section of your handguard and roll it into a “C” shape, back and forth a few times, in the direction it wraps around the wrist. The slight softening and curving of that piece will assist it in forming good contact with the wrist, thus helping the handguard work properly. Do note though that you should only do this with a pair of handguards you know fit correctly and you’re keeping. If you receive a new pair and you help shape the leather in this way, it very likely won’t be suitable for a return.

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