We’re proud to be the number one designer and manufacturer of gymnastics handguards and accessories in the UK, and the equal of anyone worldwide. As such, our products are in demand and we’re able to sell these in bulk quantities at a discount.

This is suitable for small businesses, but it’s also perfect for clubs that wish to supplement their income through selling gymnastics products to their members.

Note: while we welcome new wholesale partners, we are selective across numerous factors and not everybody who applies to be a wholesaler will be successful.

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If you're a club, as well as being a wholesaler, you might also find our "Partner Points" initiative to be useful.

All Gymnastics Express customers earn "Partner Points" on their orders. Partner Points can be stored up and redeemed to save money against future orders. As standard, customers earn 1% of all goods they purchase back as Partner Points, however…

We have a fantastic club initiative! If your club signs up (it’s fast, simple and FREE), customers will receive 5% of their order back as Partner Points… AND the club receives 5% as well! This means customers save five times as many points and their club gets 5% of all orders their members make, to redeem against consumables (such as chalk), or to put towards raffle prizes! It's a real win-win for all of our partners; you, gymnasts, coaches and your club.

What’s the catch?  Erm… ...there isn’t one!

It's fast, simple, free and easy to use.

*You can read more about our Partner Points here.