Full Name: Alia Leat

Date Of Birth: 27-May-2005

Hometown: Surrey

Gym Club: Heathrow Gymnastics Club

Coach(es): Vince and Michelle Walduck

Top Honours: Landing my one and a half yurchenko on a mat for the first time and Representing Team GB at the first junior world championships. 

Inspiration(s): Sunisa Lee because she is a lovely person and a great gymnast to watch

Top Advice: Before doing anything, think it through

Top Achievement: 
2018 British AA Beam and Vault Champion
Olympic Hopes 2018 AA Silver
Beam and floor Champion
Top 20 at the first junior worlds 2019


Favourite Discipline: Beam

How I Relax: Listen to Music

Likes: Baking, Listening to music and gymnastics 

Dislikes: Rain and splitting the beam

Pet Hates: People chewing with their mouths open

Pet(s): Don't have any but wish I had a dog!

My inspirational quote: "Believe it to achieve it"

Funniest Gymnastic Moment: When I tripped up onto the podium at a competition at my gymnastics club

Products I love from Gymnastics Express: Joshua Tree Salve and Pro Bar Loops. My favourite Rainbow Range colour is Candyfloss Cuddle.

What I Love about Gymnastics Express: I LOVE how Gymnastics Express have so may different colours to choose from! Also that they sell Balm in different sizes. 


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