Full Name: Amelia Thomas

Full Name: Millie

Date Of Birth: 15-Dec-2004

Hometown: Cardiff

Gym Club: Club Cymru Caerdydd

Coach(es): Olivia Bryl & Tracey Skirton

Top Honours: Making GB Squad in 2018

Inspiration(s): Amelia Thomas & Aliya Mustafina
They are both great at Bars!

Top Advice: Keep going through the hard times

Top Achievement: 3rd Place at the Olympic hopes cup for GB
6th AA British Championships 2018

Favourite Discipline: Bars

How I Relax: Reading a book

Likes: Spending time with my family and dogs

Dislikes: Spiders

Pet Hates: When someone clicks on a pen

Pet(s): 1 x Dog called Lola and 3 x Chickens

My inspirational quote: "Never Give Up!"

Funniest Gymnastic Moment: When I did a 1 & 1/2 punch to my face on the track

Products I love from Gymnastics Express: Panda Paws, Wristbands and Bar Loops. My favourite Rainbow Range Colours are either Lilac Myst or Neptune Shimmer

What I Love about Gymnastics Express: Gymnastics Express are really supportive and helpful whenever I need anything. 



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