Our Manique Brand


In 2003, responding to the growing need in gymnastics for an elite, premium handguard, Gymnastics Express launched MANIQUE. This new range became an immediate smash hit and they’ve continued to evolve, develop and set the benchmark in worldwide handguard design.

The word MANIQUE means “hand protector” in French, and as a premium product, it certainly feels like an appropriately well-fitting name!

Whilst they offer outstanding value thanks to their durability and expert manufacture, the primary focus has always been on performance. And that’s down to the selection of the finest materials, like the leather, combined with exceptional design quality.

The brand of choice for elite gymnasts

All our MANIQUE products are designed and engineered in Great Britain, in conjunction with feedback from some of the world’s top gymnasts and coaches. Indeed, MANIQUE is the brand of choice for numerous elite gymnasts, including Amy Tinkler, Ellie and Becky Downie and Former World Champion Beth Tweddle. So any gymnast who wear MANIQUE guards can be confident they are using exactly the same equipment as the best athletes!

MANIQUE continues to set the standard and push the boundaries in gymnastics equipment design. Over the years, we’ve introduced more innovative new features than any other handguard manufacturer and, with our UNIQUE range, we offer the world’s only custom-fit handguards. This custom sizing means a superior fit, offering improved performance, confidence and safety.

At Gymnastics Express, we’re phenomenally proud of our MANIQUE range and the leading reputation we enjoy in international gymnastics. MANIQUE guards are the handguard of choice for gymnasts seeking tools of excellence to achieve their goals.

Go MANIQUE and Grasp Your Dreams!