Full Name: Emily Thomas

Date Of Birth: 25-Feb-2001

Hometown: Bridgend

Gym Club: Club Cymru

Coach(es): Tracey Skirton

Top Honours: Competing at the Commonwealth Games 2018 and 1st AA at junior Commonwealth Games 2016

Inspiration(s): My family

Top Advice: Even on your tough days, Push yourself to achieve something in your session that you'll be proud of.

Top Achievements: 2018 Commonwealth Games (Team Wales) team 4th, floor 6th, 2018 British Championships uneven bars bronze

Favourite Discipline: Artistic Gymnastics

How I Relax: Watching Netflix and online shopping

Likes: Socialising with friends

Dislikes: Feet

Pet Hates: Messy Eaters

Pet(s): 3 Dogs (Barney, Lily & Gwenu) a Rat (Perry), 5 Horses (Morganna, Lilly, Billy & Leo) and lots of chickens.

My inspirational quote: "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

Funniest Gymnastics moment: Went to do a run and tumble in my floor routine and my foot slipped on my first step so I ended up falling and sliding on my stomach.

Products I love from Gymnastics Express: Reisport Uneven Bar Handguards, Manique Basic Bar Loops and the Manique Panda Paws

What I Love about Gymnastics Express: Gymnastics Express are always eager to help their quality of products are very good and delivery is always very quick.



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