Full Name: Alice Kinsella

Nickname: Al

Date Of Birth: 13-Mar-2001

Hometown: Birmingham

Gym Club: Park Wrekin Gymnastics Club

Coach(es): Brett Ince and Christine Still

Top Honours: European Beam Champion 2019 and 12th Best World AA final 2019

Inspiration(s): Larisa Lordache and Nastia Liukin

Top Advice: Always look forward, and know how far you’ve come

Top Achievement: Becoming 2019 European Beam Champion

Favourite Discipline: Beam

How I Relax: Watching TV and going out with my Friends and family.

Likes: Dogs, Seeing friends and family, Food

Dislikes: Spiders and Heights

Pet Hates: Dog barking at 3 o'clock in the morning

Pet(s): 2 Dogs, Nala who is 10 months old and Boots who is 11 years old

My inspirational quote: "You have to remember that the hard days are what makes you stronger... Never give up! Keep fighting for your dreams"

Funniest Gymnastic Moment: Bouncing off my head on the trampoline 

Products I love from Gymnastics Express: Everything! Pink is my favourite colour so I'm in love with the Candyfloss Cuddle Rainbow Range of products.

What I Love about Gymnastics Express: They offer me great support throughout my training and competitions. They are always at the end of the phone or email. 


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