Gymnastics Jokes

Here's some funny gymnastics jokes for you to enjoy!

See what your family, friends and coach make of these, everyone loves to laugh at a good joke.

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What do you call a generous gymnast?
A FLIPanthropist...

"Which Beatles song did the noisy gymnast like?"
"Twist and Shout"!

What did William Shakespeare have to say about gymnastics?
"To BEAM or not to BEAM, that is the question..."

Where do criminal gymnasts go?
Behind Parallel bars...

"Why do gymnasts do well in school with either art or music?"
"...because they're either artistic or rhythmic!"

I asked my local club if I could do Gymnastics with them...
...they said "How flexible are you?"
"I'm free Monday, Tuesday and Friday" I said.

I had a fear of vaulting...
...but I got over it!

"What happened to the gymnast who accidentally put flour on their hands?"
"They fell off the bars, and ate some horrible cake..."

"Why did the gymnast stick a bar of honeycomb candy, coated in chocolate, in their hair?"
"because they thought they were supposed to stick a crunchie in it!"

What do gymnasts and bananas have in common?
They are both great at splits!

"I was once a gymnast..."
" a parallel (bars) dimension"

"Why did the farmer hire a gymnast to help move his broken wagon?"
"...because she was excellent at cart wheels!"

"A gymnast walks up to do their routine on the bars...
One bar is perfect, but the other is old, wobbly, curvy, sticky, slimy and too short"
"Turns out that there were uneven bars..."

"Why do Scooby Doo villains hate young olympic podium placing gymnasts?"
"...because they would get away with their plans if it wasn't for those medalling kids"

Why are Gymnasts more secure as a group?
Because there's safety in tumblers!

"Why did the gymnast climb on top of the bank?"
"...because their coach told them to mount the vault!"

"Why did the gymnast friends always choose to meet up at the uneven bars?"
"...because it was a good place to hang out!"

Why did the gymnast eat their routine notes?
Because the coach said it was a piece of cake!

What do a gymnast and a credit card have in common?
Outstanding balance!

"Why are aeroplanes good at finishing their gymnastic routines?"
"...because they have lots of practise with landings!"

Seven days without any gymnastics training makes one weak...

Why was the acrobat not very nice?
Because she was gymNASTY!

"Why did nobody dare to go near the gymnast's hands?"
"...because she was wearing guards!"

Why was the male gymnast banned from the farm?
Because he kept vaulting all the horses!

"Why did the gymnast spend time chatting to a bus?"
"...because they wanted to discuss their gymnastics with a coach"!

What seasoning do gymnasts like during the middle of the year?

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