How Do I Know When I Need New Grips?

by The Grip Guy
How Do I Know When I Need New Grips?

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Chapter 6 is called: "How Do I Know When I Need New Guards?
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Coaches should regularly check all gymnast’s personal equipment. It is particularly important for the coach to check that handguards do not show signs of deterioration, such as stretching, tearing or wear.

Gymnasts should remember to ask their Coach if they feel they haven't been checked for a while, or if they notice anything that is different or concerning about their equipment. Kit might not look damaged and faulty straight away, but even a very small issue can turn into a potentially dangerous issue while in use. Far better to be safe than sorry.

If grips become smooth, it could cause them to slip on the bar, so this also requires monitoring regularly. A " Grip Brush" can be used gently on the surface of the leather, if and when the leather surface becomes smooth, to add new texture.

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