Manique Bar Loop Acrylic Gloves


Long-Lasting Acrylic Gloves which Slide Beautifully and Love Lots of Use

Price in points: 795 Partner Points
Earns: 8 Partner Points

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Gymnasts across all levels of the sport just love our Manique Bar Loop Gloves. Crafted from specially selected acrylic fibers, these gloves have a smart low friction surface and are kind to hands.

Plus they last and last! Don’t even think about wearing so-called “Magic Gloves” or “Gardening Gloves” which are not suitable for bar work and aren’t safe!

  • Top quality (sold in pairs)
  • Comfortable, durable, dependable
  • Designed to cover a wide wrist area for extra comfort
  • Kind on your wrists - reducing friction, preventing blisters and callouses

Hey, coaches! We now offer a specialist Sizing Set which will make life a whole lot easier – and save you time – when you’re measuring gymnasts for their correct size grips and gloves. Your gym shouldn’t be without one!

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