The Importance of the Rule of Two!

by The Grip Guy
The Importance of the Rule of Two!

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Chapter 8 is called: "The Importance of the Rule of Two!"
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An issue that has impacted most gymnasts over the years is the realisation, too late, that advanced handguards take time to break in. The “last minute purchase” scenario (on next day delivery, just before a major competition) is something we have helped sort out too many times over the years. This gives parents, coaches and most importantly the gymnast themselves a lot of stress, but they’ll also be forced to compete with grips that aren’t worn in yet… How could you possibly perform at your best?

For this reason, it is vitally important that all serious gymnasts have a spare pair of handguards at all times. It would be a disaster if you only had one pair and they failed during training, or even worse, a competition! That spare pair is essential, to take over from the old pair, but they need to be worn in and ready for action. Plan ahead for success; all top coaches will insist their gymnasts have a second (or even a third) pair of guards, partly broken in before the current pair are exhausted. All top gymnasts know this, sometimes from their own hard-earned experience.

Imagine a string breaking on Serena Williams’ racket at Wimbledon and her not having the foresight to have a spare one; she’d have to just give up! These spare grips need to be regularly checked (for wear, tear and any issues) by the gymnast and coach just as the main pair are.

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